Get the Video Conferencing Comfort You Need with Cisco Webex

The Cisco Webex video conferencing system is designed to encourage creativity and increase productivity. It has many features such as simultaneous translation, intuitive controls, and live surveys to connect hybrid teams. Etgi Grup is Cisco Webex’s sales, training and support centre in Turkey.

Cisco Webex

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Group Meetings with Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions are smaller groups that leave the main meeting or webinar. You can easily use it when you need some time to talk privately with a few attendees outside of workshops, classes or the main session.

 In meetings, hosts and other officials create breakout sessions, appoint attendees, and start sessions when they’re ready. Participants can share content during these breakout sessions and collaborate in smaller, more focused discussion groups.

Cisco Webex Assistant

Webex Assistant is the first AI-powered, fully integrated in-meeting digital assistant. Imagine that all your meetings are automatically recorded, you can request something during your meetings, and you can instantly access the recording, featured topics and to-do lists after your meetings. Searching for topics and making updates is easy with Webex Assistant; You can quickly share meeting results and coordinate your team. It’s that simple.

Layered Content Sharing in Full-Screen Mode

Should meeting participants focus on the presenter or the presentation itself? Actually both… With this feature of Cisco Webex, you can add a layer of your video to the presentation channel and reflect your own image on the content you share. So attendees can see both your presentation and you in the same frame. You can change the position of your own image on the content both before and during sharing.

Simultaneous Translation

Real-time translation in Webex is the bridge to better collaboration. It translates more than 100 language options to each other and presents them instantly. You can watch the meeting with subtitles and participate in your own language with real-time translation activated with a single click. When this feature is on, one’s speech is automatically translated into subtitles. Real-time translation provides a great privilege for multinational company teams. It allows you to take your training and meetings to a global dimension